Ideas in the Classroom

Student voice extends beyond choice of book.  As I journey through my own learning process, I hope to help others understand how student voice can be integrated into their everyday practice.  The list below serves as a stepping stone towards ideas of student voice in the classroom with grade levels attached.  Please feel free to comment should ideas be missed or a question asked.

Students as Researchers: Grades – Ideally Grades 7-12

This is perhaps one of my favourite student voice activities.  It teaches students how to be active researchers pertaining to the issues that matter to them.  This inquiry based learning links a variety of subjects and skill sets into a project that could span a week, a month, or even a year.  The outcome of one such research project is seen below in an amazing sketchnote created by a former student.  It is the culminating work of a grade 7/8 research project on mental health.  Amazing projects have been created by students in Ontario and abroad about matters that are of interest to them and many more projects are in the works! Mental-Health-Adolescents-1

2. Open Space: Grades – Any! Just need to modify for the age group

Open space stems from freely expressing one’s ideas on the net.  This modified version sees the concept of open space in the classroom using traditional tools to create open conversations about what is of interest to students.  I have used the concept in my classroom to generate ideas on what is of interest to students, to discuss concepts, to reflect on curriculum, and to simply discuss how we will celebrate student success.  You can make open space work for any class so long as you are open to listening to students and letting them run the show.


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