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Sustainable Global Goals: Make it your Personalized PD this year & beyond

As I venture through my summer, I seem to find myself discussing the Sustainable Global Goals (SDGs) with whomever will listen and wherever I can. Inspired by the Personalized PD convo I had with the wonderful Adnan Iftekhar, I thought it … Continue reading

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Sustainable Global Goals: the best learning in a nutshell

Part of my brain wishes to stop with the title of this post; truly.  However, I know this would not be helpful in expressing the deep rooted need for educators, no matter what form you take, to bring the Global … Continue reading

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Social Media, Students, and Digital Citizenship: #ONedSs is born

As I sort through the many amazing hashtags that appear on Twitter and various other social media sites, I always smile at the potential learning opportunities that they yield for students and myself. Then I begin to reflect upon the … Continue reading

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Why I Communicate with Parents/Guardians of Intermediate Kiddos – and like it!

I have taught at the intermediate level for a few years now, well, 6 to be exact. Throughout this time, I have communicated with parents on a near weekly basis.  Now I know, communicating with parents is nothing new to … Continue reading

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Keeping up with the Twitter Posts

Sure, I am playing with the title of a show that I am pleased to state that few of my students know but alas, it is true. I decided to take a true Twitter break during my March Break. I … Continue reading

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Learning to talk/share – ending the stigma

The anxiety that I have built up for myself in sharing my voice with the world via social media hit an all time high throughout the month of December. It did not matter that those that I have met online … Continue reading

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Hour of Code – Meaningful Learning & 6Cs

Alas, the day came when I had to bite into a chunk of learning that certainly made me shiver at the word; coding.  Yes, coding. The amazing @mraspinall has been an advocate of students coding for quite sometime.  Through viewing … Continue reading

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