About the Enthusiastic Learner

Allison Fuisz is an intermediate teacher with the Ottawa Carleton District School Board.  She currently teaches grade me7 & 8 French Immersion.  Her education passions include finding ways to include student voice in her teaching practice and building capacity amongst educators to do the same.  Caffeine is not a requirement to start her day as lack of energy is never an issue.

3 Responses to About the Enthusiastic Learner

  1. Oliver Jacob says:

    And she REALLY means that a lack of energy is NEVER, ever, going to be an issue!

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  2. Dear Enthusiastic Learner,

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    We are launching a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter on April 26 in order to finance our first production for which we need everyone’s support. Since we know you are a busy person, if would be so kind to give us your feedback about our common mission and solution, we will be glad to engage a further discussion about the Melomind in detail.

    I personally am at your complete disposal.

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    • fuisza says:

      Julien – please excuse my delay. I took a far too long break on my blog. I have your site opened. Please let me know what I can do given my truly late connection with you and your team.


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