Sustainable Global Goals: Make it your Personalized PD this year & beyond

As I venture through my summer, I seem to find myself discussing the Sustainable Global Goals (SDGs) with whomever will listen and wherever I can. Inspired by the Personalized PD convo I had with the wonderful Adnan Iftekhar, I thought it was time I put my thoughts into action where the idea is concerned and get as many educators intrinsically connected/motivated to incoporate the goals into their classroom learning.  I also cannot think of a better Personalized PD opportunity than ones connected to SDGs.

In the spirit of trying to be to the point, I am following my last post with this similar plee for colleagues from around the world to embrace the Sustainable Development Goals. global-goals-logo-share

As educators, we have a responsibility to share the goals beyond our classrooms but more importantly, to educate ourselves so that our students recognize the passion connected to this global iniatiative.

So, as a challenge to educators far and wide, I urge you to look at the padled link. Watch a video, explore a site, add a resource following the basic model of the other posts. We can achieve the goals by 2030.

Sustainble Global Goals: Personalized PD Padlet

Yours in learning,
The Enthusiastic Learner

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