#PoppyTalk – Making Sure We ALL Remember

Now that students across our country are potentially filled with seasonal sugar highs thanks to Halloween, it is time for us to shift our ‘seasonal’ tune to something we, at times, forget to support.

November 11 is a day that we, as educators, can ensure that the events of our history, including those of WWI, are respected, honoured, and remembered in our classrooms and consequently, in the homes of Canadian families.

A conversation with the insightful and remarkable educator, Shauna Pollock, led us to collaboratively think of a way to ensure that the stories of our past and present are shared in a student-friendly manner.  We have an opportunity to share the stories of our veterans, our current soldiers, and survivors of war in a way that ten years ago was not possible.  Social Media is a venue that we can use so that students and educators can learn together.

Shauna and I are suggesting that educators use the hashtag #PoppyTalk to share poppytalkclassroom stories and student work pertaining to Remembrance Day to bring our country together in remembering this important piece of our history.  What better way to learn and share together than through social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram?

The morning of Nov. 11th, the tweets using the hashtag will be ‘Storify’ed so that our country can respect our veterans and unsung heroes who stand up to fight for our freedoms and rights.

Please use #PoppyTalk starting today and straight through until Nov. 11.  Let us remember together so that our students know how just how important this day is.  Share your stories of student learning, of community events, and most importantly, the ‘why’ behind the importance of this day.

Yours in learning,

The Enthusiastic Learner

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