Not Perfect Hats = Perfect Day

I have so much to say about how fantastic today was thanks to the global launch of the Not Perfect Hat Club.  Alas, with the respect of my readers in mind, I will keep it simple.

In preparation to be part of the above mentioned book’s launch, my students requested that they build their own hats based on my ‘forgotten craft cupboard’.  They wanted to be ready for their first Skype chat with other students rocking hats that were created by their own hands.  But what of this lost cupboard you ask?  While designing our classroom together, some of my students noticed this magical cupboard filled with left over arts and crafts supplies.  Over the years they had been collected and stashed away and sadly, forgotten. leftovers

But today was their day to shine, their day to make a child’s day that much brighter.  So out came the supplies and along with it, extra enthusiasm, smiles, and joy of 26 students.

Our goal was simple: with our ‘not perfect left over supplies’ create a hat that would make a student shine bright with joy and smiles and that represented them even in the smallest sense.

My students ate the 50 minute period up like you would not believe.  Did I mention that they are grade 7s?  They worked collaboratively, as per our classroom agreement, to creatively support each other in making hats out of the left over supplies.  They knew that no matter what they created, it would be awesome because having a not so perfect hat is the best hat their is.  hats

I have the amazing Jena Ball to thank for sparking this magical moment thanks to her book and dedication to student well-being.  Her Not Perfect Hat Club led to my students’ forgetting about time, forgetting about being in grade 7, and focusing on creativity, community, and fun.

We connected all of our hats together with ‘pink pigs flying’ duct tape as voted on by the class.  This unifying piece reminds of us the sense of community we create when together, however; the community sense is thanks to the self-awareness that each student brings forth thanks to their unique ‘awesomeness.’

Need to see more?  Student quotes below (they were so happy to write in English!)

Freya: I liked when we did the hats and that we did not have to make it perfect.

Ryleigh: I liked when we did the hats this morning because I liked seeing what everyone did and there creative ideas. :]

Beyza: I liked seeing the creative ideas of other people.

Safa: I liked when we could do arts and crafts during class! But mostly because you couldn’t be judged by anyone.

Safa’s comment sums it up best I think.  Is that not a goal we strive towards as educators?  If not, it should be.

Yours in learning,

The Enthusiastic Learner

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