6Cs – Setting Students up For Life

Today was perhaps better than yesterday.  My class of 27 seems to truly understand the meaning of fun and grasp the concept of community without question; a teacher’s dream.

This being said, I cannot wait to see my students grow as they still seem mystified by the opportunity to lead their learning versus being robot learners ready to regurgitate what they are told to learn.

Part of supporting my class in developing an understanding of advocating for their own learning includes recognizing the significance of the 6Cs of New Pedagogies for Deep Learning.

Students were given essential opportunity to do a gallery walk of sorts based on the 6Cs and their task was as follows:  write, draw, doodle, talk, sketch, express yourself how ever you can with the word on the sheet in mind.  A few crickets passed over the room for a moment or two but then I let the music play and away they went.

Students were thrilled to have music during this community based activity as it opened up the opportunity for students to discuss freely the words in front of them and perhaps support their creative juices on sharing their ideas about the 6Cs. Day 2

What I found interesting about today’s activity was the difference between the task of today and the same set up of said task with a different class 6 months ago.  The advantage of promoting the 6Cs of learning at the beginning of the year versus part way through is seeing the light bulbs go off about how the 6Cs can and will connect to nearly everything they do.  This is not to say the class who did this activity part way through did not recognize the value in the Cs but more so, starting the year off with the Cs in mind opens the door for greater growth that is student based, or so I hope.

Our discussion the 6Cs today following the gallery walk activity left students with the following thoughts:

  • the Cs are skill sets required to succeed in everyone’s own right
  • that each skill is essential to one’s well-being
  • that the Cs promote a culture of understanding and community
  • that if a project/task does not have at the front of its outcome that it is not worth doing (this one made me laugh given the student who put forth the thought…)

Though my grade 7s are still a bit groggy on the 6Cs, their understanding of the importance of each word is stronger than it was 24 hours ago.  I cannot wait to see my class grow with the 6Cs in mind and to recognize that learning is more than memorization, learning is about enhancing skill sets that can be connected to one’s passions and joys in life.

I invite you to look at New Pedagogies for Deep Learning and find the value that the 6Cs and its theoretical approach bring to your practice.  If you are new to the idea, feel free to ask questions; we cannot grow as a community of learners if we do not ask questions; the one’s posed by my students today certainly made me think.  I suppose they really got the Critical Thinking piece of the 6Cs.

Yours in Learning,

The Enthusiastic Learner

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