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Roundtables & Student Voice

As a Teacher Facilitator at the Ontario Educational Leadership Center, perhaps one the most enjoyable aspects of my time at the center is seeing students shine.  Students here never cease to amaze me and I only wish more students could … Continue reading

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A rant on Educators and Student Voice

I am excited to see so many educators on social media discussing student voice and how to get more students engaged; I truly am.  Many educators discuss the need to: foster a culture of choice nurture curiosity through inquiry ensure … Continue reading

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Student Voice is for everyone

An eloquently written piece by Patrick Twagirayezu, a member of Cohort 4 for MSAC, prompted a variety of emotions to run through my brain all in the same moment.  It was as if the characters from the movie Inside Out … Continue reading

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Why I will not be setting up my classroom …

… at least not right away.  Why not?  Because I want my students to have a say in a collaborative fashion that tailors to their needs based on what we have.  In essence, I wish to set my students with … Continue reading

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Metacognition as a Catalyst for Student Voice

I recently began to follow @gianfrancoconto9 due to his knowledge and love of teaching language.  Following him on Twitter was meant to be as two of his posts sparked a thought towards effectively maximizing student voice in a teacher’s every … Continue reading

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Students Finding Their Voice

A recent conversation with a colleague who teaches at the high school college created an interesting train of thought.  My colleague and friend is no stranger to the idea of student voice but noted that “students need to be more … Continue reading

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Tonight, I was inspired by the trending #whatisschool chat based on #teachsmall and all the small things we can do for students. The entire chat served as a reminder of our practice and what we do beyond just our classroom … Continue reading

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