Why I now blog

It is humbling to have colleagues ask you about your approach to education.  Over the past few years, colleagues both near and far have asked me to describe how student voice is integrated into my teaching practice.  From time to time, my sanity has been questioned and my approach to teaching met with bewildered stares.  I am uncertain of what was the trigger to researching student voice in my Master’s journey, but most certainly the questions, my sanity, and the bewildered looks played their role.

With my Master’s in my mind, and my passion for learning and exploration in hand, I have committed myself to answering the following question: How can student voice be used to enhance teaching practices?   In essence, my blog is intended to “[disturb] the status quo of educational practices” (Dana, 135-136) and promote an environment of reflection in action, not just of action where student voice and educational practices are concerned.

Sharing educational practices are no longer limited to our districts, but instead, reaches a global audience thanks to social media.  Who knows what I can learn from those reading my blog and how their voices, should they choose to use them,  can enhance my own learning journey as well as that of my students’.

The journey over the next few weeks, months, and even years will certainly spark some challenges.  If anything, the journey of blogging about student voice and my educational practices will provoke questions not only for colleagues but myself as well.  Perhaps it will even spark some educators to question how they approach their educational practice and create a few shifts and move on; I mean, is our profession not filled with a few plot twists here and there? when something goes wrong
Dana, N.F., (2009). Leading with passion and knowledge.
Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin.

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