Let the journey begin

This site was originally created for a course I was taking on multiliteracies pedagogy.  The blog seemed like an ideal way to embrace the shifting face of the education system and for this educator to delve into a world she so had neglected for too long.

My first post is more so a stepping stone into creating a meaningful space not just for whomever reads it, but so too for myself through reflection.  With oodles of blogs to be read, I will admit that I am not aiming for the stars.  Instead, I am going to push my comfort zone a little and share the knowledge that has been passed to me and the experiences/opinions I wish to share with others.

Moving forward, I be clumping the work stemming from my course into one tab and venturing into the unknown with tabs yet to be created.

I look forward to this educational journey that extends the traditional boundaries of learning and embraces the change that can better our world.

Yours in truth & Miigwetch,


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