Shifting the Face of Literacy in Classrooms

A recent conversation amongst colleagues sparked interest in becoming more attuned to the modes of output students can use to show their understanding of what it is they are learning.  As part of my on-going learning process, an opportunity arose to take add a course to my Master’s studies.  In furthering my understanding of how to integrate a variety of authentic practices to my classroom teaching, I weighed out the value in taking a course on Multiliteracies Pedagogy.  My brief understanding of what this pedagogy meant in connection with my current area of study, deep learning pedagogy, seemed quite fitting.  These two pedagogical practices blend together almost seamlessly; they strive towards excelling student achievement through meaningful projects and assignments.

To better understand multiliteracies pedagogy, it seemed fitting that creating a website/blog would be appropriate.  In doing so, it represents one of many modes of communication one can use to express understanding of the passions they hold towards learning.

The goal of this site is to assist teachers in understanding the connection between Deep Learning and Multiliteracies pedagogy in classrooms through the use of a variety of final product outputs (multimodalities).  A focus on theory and practice will be found throughout the site’s pages.  Links to resources and ideas are also an integral piece of the site’s support towards teacher understanding.

Learning is an on-going process, with this idea in mind, this site will continually evolve as further understanding of the two pedagogies be apparent.  It acts as a small resource for teachers to reference key components of multiliteracies and deep learning pedagogy.  It will also serve as my guide in supporting my colleagues in an upcoming staff meeting.

Feedback and comments are always welcome; we are in this learning journey together.

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